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The day Mila died was the day of a new beginning

Mila taught us many lessons, and even her mere death is a valuable teaching that makes us understand, that death is not the end, it’s the beginning of something new. We hear so often: When a door closes another one opens. But we don’t really understand this line until we experience it fully aware.

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Travelling in India… as a woman... alone

One day one of them invited me to a dinner party he would have at his place. After a few months of travelling in India and Nepal I became much more cautious and suspiciously, so I asked him how many people were going. Five friends. And will your wife and the other wives be there as well? No, you know, Indian women have another mentality, India is still different, so Indian women don’t go to parties.

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In resume: I started the year of 2012 familiarising with the idea of renunciation. I gave away almost all my material belongings – my furniture was given away to my parents or friends, my clothes went to the poorest in the city (the homeless youngsters in the historic centre), some few things I could sell and some few things I would keep in a secure place.

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The true reason about me being in INDIA.

All I clearly wanted to do and be for the rest of my life, all I aspired with such eagerness for about half a year, vanished in only a few days and a huge question mark at the end of the sentence “and what now?” arose. So I keep moving, I keep searching I keep my eyes and heart open because I haven’t found the answer yet.

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Rescuing Mila (Repa) - The generosity of protecting life

In the law of cause and effect there is no space for coincidences, therefore you can interpret this story like meant to be, all the events were part of the same chain leading tho the whole situation, beginning with a coffee in a new place, a blue volunteer t-shirt and all the rest of it.

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Consumerism of human beings

So I came back to my dark, cold and impersonal hotel room, sat down on my bed and cried. I cried for the human kind, and the loss of humanity. Cried because I felt like being used and seen as an object and not as a living being, cried because I made felt others like this, because I have misused other people the way it just happened to me.

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Lhachi - my Tibetan friend

For that little six year old girl it was such a tedious journey through snow, rocks and icy wind, that even if she and her uncle had the appropriate shoes and clothing it was too much for her. The guide was so fast and she hardly couldn’t follow his steps, so that her uncle had to carry her. Tired and full of fear she prayed so much that the Chinese guys would catch them and just send them back home where mommy and daddy were. But they reached some lakes, indicating that they are about to reach the boarder and the group also walked by daylight. 

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Running Away (?)

If you’re carrying the lightning of dreams in your eyes, you are alive.

Like a gust of wind learn to live free.

Learn to flow like the waves that make a sea.

Let your arms be wide open to every moment you meet.

May every moment gift you a new sight to greet.

If you’re carrying your wonder in your eyes, you are alive.

If you’re carrying your restlessness in your heart, you are alive.

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