Why I don't like Valentine's Day

My dear husband and soul mate,

While everybody is celebrating the day of love, buying the biggest flower bouquet or chocolate box, the most tacky valentine's card with cheesy phrases and posting tons of corny love related videos on Facebook, I’m sitting here and think about how much I don’t like this day. Before I met you I didn’t like it because I detest the idea to commercialize something so wonderful as it is love and friendship. 

Now that you are my husband I don’t like it either, because I’ve realized that there is no bouquet beautiful enough to compete with your beauty. And not only because you are the hottest husband on earth (of course for me and my taste), but because your inner beauty is just not comparable with anything in the world. I don’t want to buy a chocolate box, because there is just nothing material, not even non-material, that can ever express the deep love I feel for you. 

Wedding dance 1.JPG

In other words, it seems that there is just absolutely nothing with which I can measure your greatness and the importance you have for me.

It doesn’t matter what I buy and what I do it would never be enough, because you are the best and greatest thing that ever happened to me. 

Today is just another day, no - not "just", but fortunately another day in which I can tell you that I LOVE YOU. With every breath, with every cell, with every thought, I LOVE YOU. 

I don't like Valentine's Day, because I just don't find a way in which I can fully show how much I love you. It frustrates me, because this day evidences how limited I am when it comes to expressing all this and more. It makes me sad that there is nothing else I can do than simply write this blog and share it with the world: You.