The echoe to be heard

Today I realized, that I can’t call myself a practitioner of tibetan buddhism, without getting committed to the tibetan cause. A big part of what I am now, is due to the tibetan culture. Everything I am constructing is based on tibetan buddhism. What would I be without it? How would I be without having put my life on this path? I am in deep dept with the tibetan culture, the tibetan people. The minimum I could do is support them in their struggle of surviving, in their peaceful fight of keeping their tradition, their language, their nation alive. Maybe I am nothing to them, and I mean nothing to them, but they do mean something to me and my life, because I learned that we are responsable of all. Keeping my eyes closed, ignoring what is happening in tibetan territory, ignoring the genocide comitted by the chinese government, this is something I can’t do.

Today I realized, how fortunate I am. Call me lucky or tell me something about my good karma. It doesn’t matter. In this lifetime all the conditions came and come together to meet great masters, to hear Buddha’s teachings and being able to practice the Dharma, to meet His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and before today I wasn’t really aware of how valuable this is. There are Millions of tibetans living in “Tibet”, without being allowed to say the words “Dalai Lama” out loud, not being allowed to practice Buddhadharma, living in fear of getting imprisoned, tortured or even killed just by admitting their devotion to their spiritual leader, living as a minority in their own land, most of them in poverty, without education, left aside and left alone by the world only because “the world” keeps financial and political interests with China.

And here I sit in my cozy home, with all these ultimately useless possesions, in a place I call my homeland, thinking of everything I have and be, and how fortunate I am to live in such good conditions. So I must admit again and again, that my perception of this would have never been arisen without the teachings of Budhha and the tibetan Buddhism. Therefore I feel the duty to fight for the survival of this culture, for the tibetans living in chinese terror, for a nation without territory, thus for human rights, for justice, for compassion and loving kindess. At the end, for a free Tibet.

Even if I should never see the results, if I should die before seeing this dream come true, at least I can say, that I didn’t stayed with my arms crossed and that I rose my voice in hope of the echoe to be heard generations after me.

Tibet will be free.

September 3, 2011

©Kirsten Liliane López Lüke