Sweet Melancholy


Across the sea you’re sitting right in front of me.
I kiss you through glass, I touch the miles and count the days.
Three eternities separate us,
though we’ve been together since countless time
We have to travel the world to find each other again.

And I listen to the sweet melancholy,
trying to clear the dust in my mind
So I can feel the sunshine burning on the skin.

The distance so near, the death my friend.
I hear your voice and observe the words fill up the space.
No time to lose, let’s love intense, ‘cause impermanence stands right beside.
One lifetime with you is not enough.

And I listen to the sweet melancholy
Trying to walk through another rainy day
So I can hope for the sun to burn inside.

One more day is one day less.
There is no logic that explains the logic we understand.
For the reasons we are here are so clear
That only us can see the darkness we’re in.
And only us can see the light we’re walking to.

For Alex Peñaloza

Kirsten Liliane López Lüke
January 28, 2013