Presidential elections in Mexico

Only one week before presidential elections in Mexico, my heart is beating faster. I am nervous, because the student movement “Yo Soy #132” changed the course of Mexico already and shook the society, as well as inspired a whole country to be aware of the political atrocities, the manipulated media and the hypocrisy of the presidential candidate (above all) of the liberal party PRI and the right-conservative party PAN. I am nervous because we already suffered the manipulation of elections 6 years ago, causing a government which promoted a useless war against his own citizens, an elevation of poverty (over 52%of all Mexicans) and an increase of prices of food and fuel as well as taxes. I don’t want a manipulation again, I don’t want a corrupt or a stupid president as it would be either Pena Nieto or Vazquez Mota. This time I want another kind of president. We can’t know what will be the result, but we need to give a chance to something new, to a new government. to a change for the benefit of Mexico. If this time the technocrats, the manipulated media, the corrupt political elite (including the National Electoral Institute - IFE) dare to manipulate the election, there might be a situation which could result in a fatal movement of discontent. So many Mexicans are tired of being abused and exploited. So many are awakening from their lethargy. This time they won’t let it be like this. Therefore I pray that the change will be, peaceful, respectful, for the benefit of all.

Kirsten LukeComment