E-Mail to the ambassdor of the People's Republic of China in Mexico

January, 23 2012

Dear Mr. Zeng Gang, ambassador for The People’s Republic of China in Mexico!

I whish You a very happy new year and I hope You and all Your beloved ones will be in good health, surrounded by lovely people and always having a compassionate heart and soul.

In this occasion I direct this E-Mail to You because I would like to express my deep concern about the news I read or have seen recently in severals European and US-American newspapers - news regarding the brutal answer of peaceful protests in the Tibetan region. These protests followed after the 17th self immolation of a Tibetan buddhist monk, which I consider even more tragic.

But also about a video shown in several news channels, where you can see how Tibetan refugees are shot like dogs by Chinese soldiers makes me feel very sorry and alarmed by what is happening in the People’s Republic of China.

Since You represent Your government in Mexico, where I live and where I do belong to the buddhist community and where I am very interested (amongs a lot of people around the world) in th preservation of the Tibetan Buddhist traditions, the Tibetan Culture and above all the preservation of the HUMAN RIGHTS inside TIBET, I ask, no - I must apologize in advance: I DEMAND a clarification of these abusive behaviour of the Chinese authorities inside Tibet and an explanation of this situation.

Beside this I am sure You know what is written in the homepage of the People’s Republic of China, but if not, I copy the link here:


Here it is said that China has made progress in democracy and the legal system and together with other countries China is maintaining a diaoluge to improve Human Rights in the PRC. In these text it is mentioned about the “white books of Human Rights” but I am shocked to see that this was 15 years ago! The situation right now in China for so many minorities, above all the Tibetan community is so dramatic. What is the explanation of the so inhuman events occuring in Tibet? Why do the authorities answer which such inhuman brutality? What is the root of such hate towards a peaceful nation, who only seeks freedom of speech, freedom of credo, freedom of cultural tradition?

Being You a guest in a democratic nation, in which (still) all these kind of freedoms ar guaranteed, I am very interested in hearing from You soon.

With all my respect for You and your people,

Kirsten Liliane López Lüke

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