Buddhism and conflict in south Asia

Dear Tibet supporters, Buddhists and Dharma friends, dear Christian, Muslim, Jewish and free religious friends. 

Everyone cries out loud when something bad happens to Tibetans or Tibetan Buddhist monks, to Jews, to Muslims or to the indigienous people and their religious beliefs. But I haven’t seen almost ANY comment on the recent bombings in the holiest of all Buddhist places: Bodhgaya. 

Just imagine the reaction YOU would have if YOUR holiest place would suffer this attack?

Would you sit still and quiet if the Vatican, Mecca or Jerusalem would suffer such an attack? Would you consider it OK if the media just ignores something like that? Wouldn’t you consider it an atrocity if the whole world just remains indifferent? Not even a word of shock, solidarity, and yes, why not a bit of anger?

What is wrong about the Buddhist world, that the whole world just doesn’t take it serious? Is it because we don’t want to (in general terms) throw back bombs? Because we are supposed to fulfill the cliche of the peaceful, ever smiling, in a lotus position sitting hippie?

Yes, everything is impermanent, and nothing is free from the world of suffering (meaning: ignorance, anger, envy, greed, power, hatred, etc.), we get that. But this doesn’t mean that we have to accept everything in silence and indifference!

Just saying.