I always had a passion for cosmetics and personal products. I would try everything on the market, from new brands to well-established ones. You wouldn't miss a thing in my collection: Lipgloss and balm, body lotion, hand lotion, exfoliation mask, nail polish, anti-wrinkle cream, this and that, and so much more. 
Then I started to put attention to the ingredients and was shocked to see how much harsh and harmful chemicals were used in every single product. Plus on top, the majority of brands would test on animals. There was no way I could continue to support this, so I started to buy vegan, natural cosmetic and to make my own body lotion, lip balm, and hand cream. 
I realized though, that even "vegan" or "natural" cosmetics and soaps would still contain chemicals like phenoxyethanol. While the industry says "in small amounts it's not harmful" I would argue that all your products combined will have a negative impact, because you find it in almost everything you use: Shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, lip balm, lip gloss, hand cream, etc. 
That's why I started to make my own soaps. My friends and family encouraged me to make more and here I am offering you handmade, artisan, vegan, natural soaps. 
I only use natural ingredients to add color, dried flowers and herbs, and therapeutic grade essential oils, the reason why each soap is unique.
-  Kirsten Penaloza

These soaps are made to be used! Since the ingredients are natural, don't hold back on using the soap - the longer you keep it, the more the smell will fade. 

Artsy Soaps