It all started...

one day when I came home after meeting a meditation group in New York City. I had met people there, who were amazing at meditating and very knowledgeable about Buddhism, and they also had an amazingly high ego. 
I rode the subway home, where people were pushing and being, well, how New Yorkers are: Neurotic. And I thought to myself: Am I a bad Buddhist if I want to slap people?
I wondered about how in these days of self-centered-ness you can be on one end spiritual, on the other hand not taking yourself too seriously?
This started a whole creative flow of designs for mugs, shirts, dog stuff, and many things that are intentioned to light up your day, to make you laugh about yourself (and why not, others), and bring joy to your life, yoga practice, spiritual journey, or simply your day at the office.
Every design is based on some real situation I've been, inspired by real people, real shitty jobs, egomaniacal yogis, my love for retro stuff, my two dogs, and the mantra: OM MONEY PADME HUM. But above all, each design is made with love. 

- Kirsten Penaloza